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  • What ages are the campers?
    Campers are 9-17 years of age. Volunteer Counselors may volunteer at age 18 with a background check.
  • What should my child bring to Camp (Gear List)
    Campers Gear List The following is a list of items that your camper will need to bring with him/her: • 7 Shirts/Tops • 7 shorts/pants/leggings • 7 pair Socks (optional) • 7pairs of Underwear *Labels for clothing • Toothpaste • Deodorant • Shower Towel (x2) • Swim Towel (x1) • Washcloth/Shower sponge(1) • Shampoo/Conditioner • Shower Soap • 1pair Shower Shoes (Must Have!) • Sleeping Bag and Camp pillow If needed. *Please do not bring bedroom pillows!) • 1 Flashlight (Must Have) • Bug Spray (1) • Swim Suit (x2) • Sunscreen (1) • One Plain White T-shirt for Art Project • Sunglasses •swim goggles (if needed) • Large Book Bag/Duffle Bag (Must be able to hold all items listed minus sleeping bag) • Feminine Hygiene Products (If Needed) *Suggested items Portable Fan Swim Cap Lotion Shower cap Extra light blankets A positive attitude!!
  • Where is the camp located?
    This year's Summer Camp will be located at Navy Recreation Center Patuxent Naval Base, Solomon, MD.
  • What are this year's Summer Camp dates?
    July 22nd thru July 28, 2024
  • Are meals provided?
    All summer camp participants to include counselors and facilitators will be provided with three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Snacks are also available throughout the day. ​
  • How will campers get to camp?
    Transportation for those who live in the D.C./ and Northern VA areas will be provided. Parents and Guardians who live in the MD area are authorized to drop off their campers at the camp site (TBA) To reiterate, there will be two designated pickup and drop off locations (TBA), one for both D.C. and Northern VA residents and a separate location for MD residents.
  • Is this a Co-ed camp?
    Our summer camps are segregated. Although both camps will run concurrently, our boys and girls camps are located on separate camp sites aboard the campground.
  • Is the camp free?
    Yes the camp is free for all participants, however there is a $50.00 registration fee per camper.
  • Will there be security? Will the campers be safe?
    Patuxent Naval Base has onsite military security 24/7. The base is also equipped with emergency medical service facilities.
  • How long is Camp?
    Our Summer Camp program is typically 6 days. Departing back home on Sunday Morning/Afternoon.
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